Wednesday, December 13, 2006

About me

I do not like to talk/write about me, but I understand that people want to know who is author of blog so I will introduce myself.

My first name is Ivana, age 41, mother of two teen boys. From my youngest age I love to play with threads and fabrics. I studied on collage of textile technology. My favourite textile techniques are knitting, dyeing, patchwork and emdroidery. Knitting is number one. And I love to combine them, for instance to dye yarn before knitting.

My another hobbies are digital photography and internet. I love blogging because it allows me to share my ideas and pictures with world without complicated work with html and webdesign.

Where you can find me:

On like rupr. For bookmarks about fiber art I use tag RUPR.

On I use name imichalova. Flickr is wonderful public gallery that has members from all world. You can look at my gallery or to gallery of my favourite photos uploaded by other people.

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debraspincic said...

Hello! I will be studying the Stitch Tuesdays with you too.