Monday, January 29, 2007

TAST - cretan stitch

TAST - cretan stitch
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This week I have little time to play with needles, I made only one simple pattern.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Herringbone stitch

First week of A Tuesday Stitch - herringbone stitch. I made i t on dark blue fabric in three colours of cotton yarn.

How to knit poncho

Ponchos were very fashionable when I was teenager (twenty years ago) but I did not get it. Now they are again in and I decided to knit one. I bought two shadows of same yarn in my favourite e-shop (sorry, only in Czech).

I cast on 195 stitches and knitted four rows knitwise to make non rolling border. Then I started to make holes in two rows. In first row I did three stitches knitwise, then five stitches cast off. I repeated till the end of row. Next row: purlwise three stitches, then five stitches cast on. The number of stitches ought to be still same.

Futher it was more simple: only stockinette (odd rows knitwise, even rows purlwise). At the start of each row I join knit together two stitches into one because I want to form triangle. I finished when I see it could be narrow enough for neck and last several rows were made in moss stitch.

I made four triangles and joined them together. In front I left poncho open with strings.

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My new year resolution

Recently I realised that I spend a lot of time on knitting and there is only small space for other fiber art. I like crazy patchwork with a lot of embelishment, but I donot make it myself. It is time to change it.

I came to this conclusion and several days later I found on my favourite blog interesting along: Take a Stitch Tuesday. For every week there will be one type of stitch and everybody can show how he/she use it.

I'd like to start with cushion. I took a piece of yellow cotton cloth, I made three line on it. They will be red. Then I will add more stitches according to Stitch Thuesday. I will use yellow, red, orange in different shadows, probably aittle of green or brown. Coordinated colours will make interesting effect no matter what lines, stitches and threads I will use. Anytime you use limited colour pallete you can achieve great results because colours unified whole creation even when you used scrap fabric or leftover yarns.