Saturday, December 30, 2006

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

About me

I do not like to talk/write about me, but I understand that people want to know who is author of blog so I will introduce myself.

My first name is Ivana, age 41, mother of two teen boys. From my youngest age I love to play with threads and fabrics. I studied on collage of textile technology. My favourite textile techniques are knitting, dyeing, patchwork and emdroidery. Knitting is number one. And I love to combine them, for instance to dye yarn before knitting.

My another hobbies are digital photography and internet. I love blogging because it allows me to share my ideas and pictures with world without complicated work with html and webdesign.

Where you can find me:

On like rupr. For bookmarks about fiber art I use tag RUPR.

On I use name imichalova. Flickr is wonderful public gallery that has members from all world. You can look at my gallery or to gallery of my favourite photos uploaded by other people.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Copper christmas

Every year we decorate christmass tree in one or two colours. We started many years ago with red and gold, what are typical christmas colours and our tree was very nice.

This year I felt a little boring, because I have no idea about colous, it seemed to me that we tried already everything. But we did not. On shopping I have seen christmass decoration in copper colour! I like it so much and I have to buy it. Our christmas tree will be in white and copper.

I have to make something white. Probably I will crochet some ornaments from white cotton yarn.

Monday, December 04, 2006

My FOs and UFOs in November.

Here is list of my finished, unfinished and planned objects at the end of November 2006:


1. Beige wool pullover for small son of my friend. My own design. I love to make my own designs and I am boring when I have to follow somebody else's pattern.

2. Scarf for my niece.

Did i really finish only two things? I am surprised, because I knitted quite a lot. But I work on some more projects they will be finished (hopefully) next month.


1. Wooll pullover. Christmas present for my darling, I make some progress nearly every day. Again my own design. I have made part of front and back, but I did not decided, how to go on.

2. Socks from special sock yarn. I want to finish before christmas and to give them to my sister.

3. Poncho for me. It is nearly finished. Nearly, not completely. Now I have no motivation to finish it because it is already too cold to wear it.

4. Cardigan from acryl yarn in light blue/green for my niece. I am working on this mostly on the visit at my sisters.

5. Cap for horse. Funny piece of crocheting, covers head of horse between ears and tassels on the edge of cap help horse to drive away flyes. I do not know, I was told that, I have no experience with horses.

6. White crocheted tunic from cotton yarn. I have no motivation to finish it just now, because I cannot wear it in winter.

7. Burgund and pink pullover for me. I bought very nice yarn and very pleasant to touch. And it must be knitted very loosely and it grows quickly.

8. Cardigan for my niece in light colour (something between blue and green).


I planned a lot of xmass presents, I am afraid that I cannot do everything from my list.

1. Cushion for my dad. I want to use Fair Isle technique that I have learned several month ago, but I did not something reasonable, only swatch.

2. Socks. For my sister, for my sons, for my darling.

3. Crocheted Christmass decoration. Probably only a few pieces but I really want to try that.