Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas in Czech republic

Christmas rush is over, it is time to do nothing, relax and enjoy that.
How does it look at Christmas in Czech republic?
24th of December we have family christmas dinner. Tradition is to have carp soup, fried capr and potato salad. Several days before Christmas there are tubes and tanks with water and living carps. Especially children love to look at fish in water. People they sell fish (it must be horrible in frozy weather) can kill it to you, but a lot of people (with small children) want alive carp and they let him to swim in bathtub several hours. But at the end fish is dead, cut into flat pieces, then we put those pieces in flower, raw egg and crump and fried in oil. It makes kind of coating.
Potato salad is another tradition. Made from cooked potatoes, some vegetable and dressing from mayonnaise. Each year we have got salad from my mother, but she died this year, so my darling decided to make his own salad. And it was very nice. So he have to make it next year again.
My favourite is fish soup. I cooked in hot water heads and bones from carp. Then meat is separated from bones. I fried some vegetable and flower on mixture of oil and butter. Then I cook it all together with some spices and at the end a little of cream to make in more fine. I love that soup.
After dinner there are plates with christmas cookies. I am not very good in baking. I tried something, it is fine, but when I compare that with sweets made by my sister... She promised to teach me how to bake great cookies.
After dinner there is most favourite time of whole Christmas: presents. They are under the tree. No christmas stockings, no waiting for morning. And no Santa Claus. To small children we say that present are given by small Jesus (even in atheistic families). Santa Claus is imported from abroad in latest years, it was not here, when I was a child.
25th of December is my favourite day. Everything was mad day before, all Christmas rush is over, fridge is full of meal, no need to cook, to clean, we can have a rest and relax, enjoy presents. Laziest day in a whole year.


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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Facebook | I want crafty friends

Facebook | I want crafty friends
Facebook group for those people, they want to meet and eventually befriend more crafty friends. You can find me. My name is Ivana Michalova.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Craft Juice / Popular Crafts

Craft Juice / Popular Crafts

Social bookmarking for crafts. Great idea. You can find me there with nick

Saturday, December 13, 2008

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