Thursday, February 09, 2006

Olympic knitting

I am joined!

They add me to the list of olympic knitters. You can find me on their list. Yarn for my olympic project is ready, today I bought some pink, because I was afraid, if I have enough.

Today I have to go on with my son´s scarf, it will need about three or four hours of knitting and it must be finished Sunday. It will be dark blue, close to black. I will not take pictures, because it is too dark. I promised some socks to him, but I gave up to knit them and we bought them.

It is funny to go to yarn shop with boy of sixteen. He is familiar with knitting from his childhood, because I knitted very much, when I was at home with children. He (and his younger brother) grouw up in my pullovers and other things, but in recent years hand knitting is not very popular between my boys. He looked at me and then he show me yarn that he want for socks. And then about pullover and if I can knit one for him. I was really surprised.

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