Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Crazy blogging

I love blogging. I have three different blogs in Czech language and one in English, it is dedicated to photographs. And now I start another blog.
Probably I have to introduce myself. I am young wife (I believe that 40 years woman is young), born, educated and living in Czech Republic in the heart of Europe. My family consist of two sons, sixteen and fourteen years, and my boyfriend.
And mother, father, sister and her children, brother. We all live in one town.
My hobbies: anything connected with textile. I tried nearly all textile techniques, my favousit is knitting, patchwork-quilting and tie-dye. I studied on textile collage but now I work in another field. I have website with my things and ideas and yahoogroup connected with it.
I love taking pictures wiht my digital camera, some of them you can see on my another blog I wanted some interesting wallpapers for my comp and found a lot of girl, celebrities, what I really don´t want to look at. Evidently they are made by men for men. So I prepared my own wallpapers and they will womanish. Feel free to come and download any picture you like.
Oh, I forgot nearly: I have even blog og blogs - Best of textile blog, where I collect some interesting posts from other people blogs.

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