Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Take a stitch Tuesday Challenge week 15 - Oyster stitch

I made this bag to carry all thing I need during weekend with my friends. It is really big: 60x60 cm or 24x24 inches.
Material: old jeans worn by me or by my darling.
Lining: blue cotton.
Sun=pocket: white cotton cloth, tie-dyed in yellow. Face is painted and sunrays are embroidered - you can see detail on the third picture.
Can you imagine how heavy is the bag when full of different thing including books?

This is oyster stitch, my homework from Sharon during TAST. It was hard for me to learn this stitch.


Kirsten said...

I love your sunny bag :-)
What a nice idea!
And the oyster-stitch is one of my favorites since I discovered it. Very nice.

Luci F said...

I loved Oyster stitch and it works really well on your beautiful sunny bag.

I have been tagged by Dy to say 7 things about me that people won't know on my blog. I also am asked to pick 7 bloggers who I would like to know more about to do the same. I tagged you. No obligation.

ReGe said...

To sluníčko je supr.Moc se mi líbí ty paprsky.